Haim Geri Offers Coaching for Marathon Running

Haim Geri

September 17, 2020

 Haim Geri is a running enthusiast offering best practices, tips and support for adults new to marathon races. This includes race preparation, training and insights on how to improve the body and soul, while running long distances.

Haim Geri emphasizes that self-improvement through marathon running is attributable to having the right game plan. He has designed routines ideal for beginners looking to embrace the sport and find balance in life. Haim Geri notes that race preparation is a process that allows for self-reflection and states, “My best thoughts and ideas in life came while running.”  He also helps new runners avoid fatigue, over-training and unhealthy habits.

Race preparation includes scheduling running routines that build-up in distance as runners approach race day. This gradual, segmented increase in runs helps to prevent overtraining and fatigue. Similarly, running courses are selected to enhance morale and training resistance, while helping runners build a tolerance to variable terrains. Haim Geri tailors training runs and routines to fit the needs of individual runners, to build mental and physical toughness. 

Similarly, Haim Geri also recommends dietary plans to help runners optimize their energy levels while training. Without the proper nutrition and hydration, its’ extremely difficult for runners to maintain a positive attitude and find balance. In particular, drinking enough fluids at the right time during training is key for preventing fatigue.

Having the right shoes, clothing and socks are integral to prevent injury during training. Selecting these items can be difficult, which is why Haim Geri provides recommendations for beginners entering the sport. Anyone can the sport. However, to get the most from running, it’s important to protect the body so the soul can flourish. 

Also of importance is a runner’s form and stride. Haim Geri works closely with runners to perfect their form to prevent fatigue and injury. Given the distances involved in training for and running marathons, having the right form is critical for having fun and focusing on self-reflection. 

Haim Geri is Senior Vice President of Academic and Professional Development at Force IMI. He is also a senior instructor and has had interest in running since he was 12. Haim Geri has developed best practices for long distance running over the course of his life. He has coached his students on the nuances of marathon running and how to improve the body and soul.