Geri Haim Teaches You How to Increase Safety No Matter the Situation

Haim Geri

November 19, 2020

Geri Haim

Safety is a serious issue, 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. Sadly, shootings are still a major risk, and while violent crime has generally trended down in recent years, it remains a serious issue. While there may not be a need to panic, some vigilance may go a long way, according to security expert Geri Haim.

“You don’t have to live your life scared,” Geri Haim says. “However, you do want to remain aware of your surroundings. Have a restaurant you frequent? Next time you go, check where the emergency exits are. If a fire or anything else occurs, you already know what to do. In a new restaurant? Check for the exits too. Same with everywhere else, it’s smart to know your surroundings.”

Knowing your surroundings takes more than glancing around the room. Geri Haim suggests you keep an eye on the news too.

“If there are going to be protests downtown, and you’re not participating, maybe you should skip lunch at the square,” Geri Haim says. “Keep a general idea of what’s happening in your area and plan accordingly.”

Geri Haim Discusses Guns and Gun Safety

Gun sales reached record highs in 2020 in the USA. Many black Americans and women drove sales and 40 percent of guns during the first four months of 2020 wherefrom first-time buyers. Geri Haim recognizes that guns can increase safety in the right circumstances. However, guns can also increase risks.

“Gun ownership is a very personal decision and one you need to make for yourself. Gun safety, however, should not be a contentious issue,” Geri Haim argues. “If you decide to purchase or keep a gun in your house, make sure you understand basic gun safety. Keep your weapon secured, never point it at someone unless you intend to harm them. Triple check every time to make sure your gun is unloaded when it should be.”

Sadly, accidental deaths by guns remain common. Some people don’t lock their guns up properly and children obtain them, often hurting themselves or others when they pull the trigger. Geri Haim constantly worries about gun safety and kids.

“First, make sure you keep guns out of children’s hands,” Geri Haim argues. “If you want to teach gun safety to kids, do it in a controlled environment. If you leave guns lying around in a house with kids, you’re decreasing safety, not increasing it.”

Further, some gun owners turn their weapons on loved ones by accident. You might hear someone fumbling around in the dark, think it’s an intruder, and then fire. But it could be your spouse or children.

“You should basically never fire a gun until you know what you’re firing at. Every time I hear a story about people firing a gun on a loved gun by accident in the dark, it breaks my heart,” Geri Haim points out. “Turn on the lights, equip your gun with a flashlight, confirm your target, and only then fire.”